Motorcaravan Sites Review






ARLON 6700 (E 5.81964 / N 49.69013) Dreve des Espagnols 101, behind fire station. Free aire for 5 vans, with free water/waste, and free electricity points. More parking space available. Signposted, illuminated, tarmac surface. Quiet at night, unless there is a fire alarm. About half a mile from town centre, old buildings, but also a lot of graffiti. OK for overnight stop. (Sept 2014).


BASTOGNE 6600 (E 5.71555 / N 49.99811) - Place du General Patton. Free signposted parking for 20+ vans on large public car park. Fresh water point out of order, no chem. disposal available. We only stayed for lunch. (Sept 2015).


BEERNEM 8730 (E 3.33473 / N 51.13436) Oude vaartstr. Reserved parking by canal for 6 vans (canal hidden by hedge). 10E/day charge, including water and electricity (only 4 elec. points). (Sept 2010).



BELLEM (AALTER) 9881 (E 3.49297 / N 51.08612) Mariahove Ave. Free parking for 5vans on public parking in front of church. No services. Pretty village, with cycling and walking. (Sept 2010).



BILZEN 3740 (E 5.52241 / N 50.87001) Tweevoetjesweg, free parking for 8 vans. Maximum 24 hours. Sanistation service point, water 2E, waste 2E, Free Electricity (5 outlets). (June 2011).


BLEGNY 4670 (E 5.72296 / N 50.68561) - Rue Lambert Marlet 23. Free parking by Blegny Mine for 10 vans. 24 hours maximum. Electricity 2E/12 hours. Free water/ waste point. Visitor centre. (Oct 2015).


BLEHARIES 7620 (E 3.42166 / N 50.71707) - Quai de L'Escaut. Free parking by river Scheldt for 20+ vans. Gravel surface, signposted, no services. It looks a bit scruffy, and there was no company, so we moved on. (Sept 2015).



BOCHOLT 3950 (E 5.8841 / N 51.17612) - Schipperstrasse, by marina on canal. Parking 6.5E, including water and electricity. Maximum 2 days. (June 2011).


BOOM 2850 (E 4.37582 / N 51.08941) - Schommelei 1, Leisure centre Schorre. Free parking for 4 vans in large car park. Sani station service point, 1E water, 1E waste, 1E electricity (currently out of order). Signposted, Illuminated.  (Sept 2013).



BREDENE 8450 (E 2.96417 / N 51.23021) Spuikomlaan 1, by Sports centre Ter Polder. Free parking (2 places marked), 24hrs max. No services, illuminated, signposted, quiet. Near large leisure lake, good walks, cycling. (Sept 2010).



BRUGES.JPG (12852 bytes)M.bruges.jpg (16828 bytes)BRUGES 8000 (E 3.26312 / N 51.20712) - Camping Memling (50 355845). Clean WC's, chem. disp. washing up sinks. 1 mile from centre of Bruges, a beautiful medieval city. Electricity 70Bf. CC. 445Bf/night. (July, 2000).



Brugges2.JPG (23772 bytes)BRUGES 8000 (E 3.22563 / N 51.19598) - Motorhome Park - chargeable parking, no services. Next to canal at south of city. Also used by coaches, very busy. OK for overnight stop. (May, 2002).



DIKSMUIDE 8600 (E 2.85427 / N 51.03063) Ijzerdijk. Free parking near river, close to monument. No services. A bit out of the way so we didn't stay. (Sept 2010).


DIKSMUIDE 8600 (E 2.86001 / N 51.03414) Beertblotestraat. Free parking near canal for 15 or so vans on gravel. No services. We only stayed for lunch, but would have been fine for overnighting. (Sept 2014).


ESTAIMPUIS 7730 (E 3.25722 / N 50.69067) - Rue Du Canal, La Maison Du Canal Visitor Centre.  Nice free location by canal for 5 vans in fenced off area by Visitor Centre. Free water/waste point, 4 electricity points. Signposted, very quiet. Good cycle path along canal. (Sept 2015). 



GISTEL 8470 (E 2.96511 / N 51.16115) Sports centre, Sportstraat 1. Free parking at rear of swimming pool for 5 vans (marked places), though the area seems to be used for cycling classes sometimes. Free water/waste point at side of building (key needed for water tap - go to reception). Quiet, level, tarmac surface. (Sept 2010).


GROBBENDONK 2280 (E 4.73701 / N 51.19001) - Free parking for 6 vans by fire station. 6x electricity points, 1E/Kwh. Sani station service point, water 1E, waste 1E. Quiet at night, signposted, cycle paths, open all year. Nice town. (Sept 2013).


HAMME 9220 (E 4.14197 / N 51.10432) Mira bridge, Hamveer - free parking for 3 vans by small picnic area, gravel surface. (Sept 2013).


HAMOIR 4180 (E 5.53369 / N 50.42342) - Free parking for 20 vans by tennis courts - muddy when wet. Signposted, (also Euro Relais service point signposted, but we couldn't see it). Cycle path along river. (Oct 2010).



HARELBEKE 8531 (E 3.31105 / N 50.84669) - next to cafeteria in sports centre, Stasegemsesteenweg. Free parking, 2 marked places, but plenty of space in car park. Free electricity, free services. (June 2011). (New Aire in 2014 for 10 vans, now charging).



HASSELT 3500 (E 5.33761 / N 50.93848) Kanaalkom, Herkenrodesingel. Free parking by canal, large area, mostly sand (can be muddy). Couldn't see service point. Not very inviting, so we didn't stay. (June 2011).


HERK DE STAD 3540 (E 5.16616 / N 50.93414) - P Olmenhof, Pikkeleerstraat 14. Free reserved parking for 6 vans in hedged area next to large park. 8 electricity points (1E), service point with water 1E/90L, free waste disposal,  WC. Nice town, but not much of interest. OK for overnight stop. (Oct 2015).   



HUY 4500 (E 5.23461 / N 50.51669) Chaussee Napoleon. Free parking for 2 - 3 vans by river. No services. Interesting town with large castle. (Oct 2010).


KORTESSEM 3720 (E 5.39123 / N 50.85774) - Kapittelstraat. Free public parking by sports hall for 4/5 vans. There are supposed to be facilities, but we couldn't see them. Nothing much to be seen so we didn't stay. (Oct 2015).


KORTRIJK 8501 (E 3.23644 / N 50.84519) Lagaeplein, by swimming pool. Marked place on public car park. No services. Not very inviting, so we didn't stay. (Sept 2014).


LE ROEULX 7070 (E 4.10591 / N 50.47665) - Rue Raymond Cordier. Free parking for 10+ vans next to boat lift. No services, illuminated, tarmac surface, very quiet at night. Interesting visit. (Sept 2015).


LIER 2500 (E 4.57373 / N 51.12549) Free parking on public carpark by the culture centre - 2 dedicated places, but no problem using other bays. Sani station service point, 2E for water. Illuminated, tarmac surface and level. Lier is a lovely town with an old clock tower. (May 2012).


LOTENHULLE (AALTER) 9880 (E 3.45632 / N 51.04831) Free parking by football field. Signposted, illuminated, tarmac, no services. Quiet at night. Good cycle paths. (Sept 2010).



MIDDELKERKE 8430 (E 2.83842 / N 51.19811) Free public parking along seafront. No services. Its quite sandy and windy - I wouldn't stay overnight. (May 2012).



NEERPELT 3910 (E 5.43202 / N 51.23333) Parking Welvaart, Passantenhaven, Jaak-Tassetstraat. Free parking for 10 vans alongside canal. Max 2 days. Free water, waste, and electricity. Illuminated, boules area, cycle path. Lovely location, very popular. (Sept 2010). 


Nieuwpoort.JPG (42190 bytes)NIEUWPOORT - Port de Plaisance, Ave Albert 1st. - Free parking for 50 vans by the quayside. No overnight parking in adjacent car park (so we were told by attendant, though he gave us no trouble). Noisy overnight and early startup of work noise. Pretty town with very good Friday market. (May 2003). (N.B. MAY NO LONGER BE ALLOWED  - 2006)


OSTEND 8400 (E 2.93527 / N 51.23657) Free dedicated parking for 50 vans opposite lighthouse and Fort Napoleon, No services, signposted, tarmac surface, quiet at night. Very popular. Bread delivery van in morning. Free ferry every 20 minutes across the docks to the town centre. (May 2012).


OUDENBURG 8460 (E 3.00567 / N 51.19389) Carpool car park, Stationstr. Free parking, not dedicated, and compact spaces. 2 service points, though one was defective, and the other one wasn't maintained well. 1E/5 min water, 1E/waste. Pretty town near canal, but we only stayed for lunch. (Sept 2010).


PERUWELZ 7600 (E3.60833 / 50.51917) - Chemin de Ste Brigitte. Free parking for 10+ vans by marina. Attractive location, quiet. Free water and waste point, WC, electricity points (jetons). Lots of cycle paths. The town is a bit rundown, with several closed shops, but we had a pleasant couple of days here. (Sept 2015). 


PUURS 2870 (E 4.28336 / N 51.07476) Car park, Kerkhofstraat. 5 reserved free parking places (newly laid out). Free water, waste. Electricity no longer available. Hardstanding, signposted, illuminated. Max 2 days. Not much in the town, but a good overnight stop. (Sept 2013).


REDANGE 8508 (e 5.89479 / N 49.76921) - Rue de la Piscine. Free public car park with 10 dedicated places for vans. Free waaste/water point, 6 free electricity points. 2 days maximum. Quiet, tarmac surface. Popular facility, nice town, though not much of interest. Very good for overnight stop. (Sept 2015). 


ROCHEFORT 5580 (E 5.22525 / N 50.15812) - Rue du Hableau 9. Signposted free parking for 10 vans in large car park with small picnic area. There was a water pipe coming out of a manhole, but no waste disposal point. Illuminated, tarmac surface. We stayed to see the town, but left after lunch. Looked OK for an overnight stop. (Sept 2015).


RUPELMONDE 9150 (E 4.29256 / N 51.12546) - Near Kruibeke. Free parking by waterway for 10 vans on hardcore surface - no parking on the grass. Free water and waste drain (situated in centre of parkplace), and 2 free electricity points. Quiet at night. Very popular on weekends. (May 2012).


ST AMANDS 2890 (E 4.12144 / N 51.03454) Parking Scheldedijk, Emile Verhaerenstraat. Free dedicated parking for 2 vans next to cycle path by river Schelde. Free water/waste and drainage point. Nice town with pretty marina. (Sept 2010).


ST HUBERT 6870 (E 5.33969 / N 50.08474) Parking du Fourneau, St Michel. 6 miles outside town. Dedicated parking for 8 vans (could be old campsite) in nice location near 2 rural museums. Free services, 4 electricity points (1E).  Signposted, separate tarmac bays. Picnic area, not illuminated, very quiet. Water tap very slow. Good overnight stop. (Sept 2014).


ST HUBERT 6870 (E 5.38111 / N 50.02689) Rue de Lavaux, picnic area. Dedicated parking for 3 vans in town, not far from church. Free water/waste, signposted, tarmac surface. (Sept 2014).


TOURNAI 7500 (E 3.38108 / N 50.60385) Esplanade de l'Europe, Ave Rimbaut Brothers. Dedicated free parking for 30 vans with free water/waste. Level, hardstanding, signposted. (Oct 2010).


TOURNAI 7500 (E 3.37832 / N 50.60565) Public parking next to Esplanade de l'Europe. We parked here because the official aire was taken over by a circus, though the service point was still available. Beside noisy road, but np problem at night. (Sept 2014).


VEURNE 8630 (E 2.66638 /E 3  N 51.07056) - Kaaiplaats, parking Lindendreef, by marina. Free parking on public car park (reserved parking on main road for 5 vans, but could be noisy, so most park by marina, though not suitable for large motorhomes). Free water/waste in captainerie, also WC and shower (charged - WC 0.5E, shower 1.5E). Illuminated, quiet at night. Pretty town with a lovely square, canals, and good cycling. We stayed for 2 nights. (Sept 2013).


YPRES 8900 (E 2.89337 / N 50.84731) - Leopold III Laan. Free parking on quiet dead end road next to remparts. Space for 8 - 10 vans under trees. No services. Lovely town well worth a visit, especially the Menin Gate Memorial. (Sept 2015).


ZEEBRUGGE 8280 (E 3.19892 / N 51.33394) - Graf Jansdijk parking by lighthouse, free for 25 vans, asphalt and grass, illuminated at night, signposted. Some port noise through night. Nice walk around port and marina (May 2012).



ZEEBRUGGE 8280 (E 3.18449 / N 51.32819) - P Baron de Maerelaan - free parking for 6 vans by main road, may not be very quiet at night, but close to beach. (May 2012).