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A CORUNA (A Coruna) (E -8.44472 / N 43.37167) - San Pedro de Visma port. Dedicated Aire for 30 vans beside small fishing community on outskirts of A Coruna. Slight slope, but no problem. 2 free service points. Very windy. Nice walks around surrounding headland. Quiet at night, illuminated, WC. Open all year. (May 2015).  Index



A RUA (Ourense) (E -7.11501 / N 42.38778) - Calle Noria, by river and football field. Free parking for 10 vans by riverside cafe. Free service point, picnic area. Illuminated, signposted. Some noise until cafe closed, but no trouble. Town had shops and restaurants, but not very attractive. (May 2015).  Index



ARCADE (Pontevedra) (E -8.61333 / N 42.33944) - Rua do Peirao, picnic area by marina. Attractive free parking area by waterside for 10 vans. Free service point next to adjoining building (may have been a sewage plant - Strong smells were emanating from the vicinity). Nice apart from the smell, but I don't think we'd return. (May 2015). Index



ArenasDeCabrales.JPG (44459 bytes)m.ArenasDeCabrales.jpg (24076 bytes)ARENAS DE CABRALES (Asturias) - Camping Naranjo de Bulnes (985-84 65 78). Site is east of Arenas de Cabrales on AS114. Excellent facilities , very clean - WC, hot showers, shaver points, childrens WC and sink inc. Electricity 350pta. No English spoken. Bar, chalets. Good walks in vicinity, good base for Picos de Europa. Area famous for cheese. Very good site. CC. 2275pta/night (May 2000). Index


ASTORGA (Leon) (E -6.06556 / N 42.45111) - Plaza de Toros, Carretera de Sanabria. Free Aire by bullring, near stadium. Picnic area, free service point, grass and tarmac surface. Quiet setting, apart from the odd helicopter (heliport right behind us). Nice town, centre within easy walking distance. (May 2015).  Index



ASTUDILLO (Palencia) (E -4.30001 / N 42.18944) - Ave Nacho Viciosa, La Joya. Free fenced parking for 8 - 10 vans with free service point. (May 2015). Index


AYEGUI (Navarra) (E -2.04411 / N 42.65046) - Irache Monastery. Free parking for 5 vans in front of monastery. Slight slope on gravel. Very quiet at night. On Pilgrim's Route. (May 2014).  Index



ViudeLinas.JPG (26896 bytes)m.ViudeLinas.jpg (31411 bytes)BROTO (Aragon) - Camping Viu - VIU DE LINAS (974-48 63 01). Between Biesca and Broto on rd 135. Excellent facilities, very clean. Hot showers, WC, chem disp, laundry, shaver points inc. English spoken. Bar,  restaurant, shop on site. Good value meals. Beautiful views of Pyrenees. Quiet. CC. 1900pta/night (Apr 2000). Index


BROTO2.JPG (46958 bytes)m.broto2.jpg (31307 bytes)BROTO (Aragon) - Camping San Anton - TORLA (974-48 60 63). Through Torla, just before Ordesa National Park on left. Clean toilets, sinks have cold water only, shaver points, hot showers inc. Good view of Ordesa Park - 1.5 miles to Info Centre at park entrance. CC. 1950pta/night (Apr 2000).Index


BURELA (Lugo) (E -7.35833 / N 43.65333) - Parque de O Campon, near hospital. Free parking in marked area for 5 vans with a free service point. The town didn't seem to have much of interest so we didn't stay. (May 2015)  Index


AVIN.JPG (21505 bytes)m.avin.jpg (31909 bytes)CANGAS  DE ONIS (Asturias) - Camping Picos de Europa - AVIN (985-84 40 70). East from Cangas de Onis on AS 114, just outside Avin. Modern facilities - WC, hot showers, hot water, chem disp., shaver points inc. (sinks a bit dusty in early season, otherwise very clean). Bar, restaurant, swimming pool (in season). Electricity 400pta. 1980pta/night (May 2000).Index 


CABARCENO (Cantabria) (E -3.81959 / N 43.35802) - Lago de Acebo. Free parking for 20 vans beside lake, next to large animal park. Free services point, tarmac surface, quiet at night. Very popular. (May 2015).  Index


CARRION DE LOS CONDES (Palencia) (E -4.60801 / N 42.33893) - San Zoilo, Las Huertas. Free parking by sports centre for 4 - 5 vans. Free service point, illuminated, quiet. Nice town with riverside park. (May 2015).   Index


ISLARES.JPG (24270 bytes)m.islares.jpg (97866 bytes)CASTRO URDIALES (Cantabria) - Camping Playa Arenillas - ISLARES (942-86 31 52). Exit A8 at Islares. WC, hot showers, chem disp, shaver points, laundry inc. Clean facilities. Bar restaurant. Close to beach. Bikes for hire. Electricity 375pta. English spoken. Washing up taps - hot water only at certain times of day (low season?). Some road noise from motorway. Well run site, good stop off for Santander. CC. 2226pta/night (May 2000). Index


CEDEIRA (A Coruna) (E -8.06001 / N 43.65833) - Ave Moreno, by port. Free public car park by quayside. Room for 10 vans, no services. Pretty town with old buildings. We only stopped for lunch, but would probably have been OK for overnight. (May 2015).  Index



CHANTADA (Lugo) (E -7.77944 / N 42.60611) - Sangonedo, Ctra de Barrela, near football field. Free dedicated parking for 3 vans above river. Free service point, illuminated, quiet (after football practice). Nice parkland walk into town, but not much else of interest. (May 2015). Index



CUDILLERO (Asturias) (E -6.15131 / N 43.56568) - Free parking by port for 10 vans. No driving through the town (too narrow). No services. Beautiful town with lots of pretty houses and good walks. We only stopped for lunch and a look around, but it looked fine for an overnight stop. (May 2015). Index



m.mutriku.jpg (31286 bytes)DEBA (Pais Vasco/Euskadi) - Camping Galdona - MUTRIKU. Between Mutriku and Ondarrao, take road up hill opposite "Dia" supermarket. Showers (cold - charge for hot), hot water, WC, shaver point, laundry inc. Modern clean facilities, though toilets not cleaned in morning. Bar. Nice views of sea. 1950pta/night (May 2000).Index

ESPASANTE (A Coruna) (E -7.81198 / N 43.72244) - by port. Free parking for 10 vans facing harbour. No services. Lovely outlook and walks around the town. Very quiet at night. Good overnight stop. (May 2015).  Index



FERROL (A Coruna) (E -8.23972 / N 43.49333) - Ctra de la Malata, near football stadium. Free dedicated parking for 15 vans in large public car park. Free service point, signposted, tarmac surface. Good walk into town. Interesting sites around large naval port. As with most large towns, considerable graffiti, but generally a nice place. (May 2015).  Index


FOZ (Lugo) (E -7.25778 / N 43.56361) - Calle de Fondos Curbeiro. Free parking on picnic area facing sea. Room for 30 vans on grass, with free service point. Nice harbour walks. Quiet at night. Very popular. (May 2015).  Index



FRAGA.JPG (48409 bytes)m.fraga.jpg (58930 bytes)FRAGA (Aragon) - Camping Fraga (974-34 52 12). On N11 from Lerida to Zaragoza (only campsite on this route). Cold showers only (hot - 400pta!) Restaurant, bar, laundry, outdoor swimming pool (in season). Facilities not very clean, we were only people staying - were placed in muddy childrens play area rather than pitch area. The bar played loud music well into the night for the locals. Not very good value, but apparently popular with Spanish in Summer. CC. 2100pta/night (Apr 2000). Index

FROMISTA (Palencia) (E -4.41251 / N 42.26501) - San Telmo, Paseo de Julio Senator. Free parking for 6 vans by sports centre. Free water/waste point. (May 2015). Index


GIJON (Asturias) (E -5.69556 / N 43.54472) - Playa Arbeyal, Ave Eduardo Castro. Free dedicated parking for 15 vans near port entrance and picnic area. Free service point, signposted. Large town with lots of shops but we didn't see much character. Noisy in day but fine for overnight. (May 2015).  Index


GIJON (ASTURIAS) (E -5.63639 / N 43.54751) - El Rinconin park, Camino de las Mimosas. Large public car park with room for 30+ vans. No services, tarmac surface, lights, WC. Nice outlook, and good walk along promenade by cliffs at lower end of park. Bread van calls in morning. Quiet at night, good for overnight stop. (May 2015). Index


HONDARRIBIA (Guipuzcoa) (E -1.79457 / N 43.39114) - Higer Bidea. Free parking for 10 - 15 vans outside El Faro campsite, near lighthouse. No services. Very quiet at night. (April 2015). Index


ILLA DE AROUSA (Pontevedra) (E -8.85861 / N 42.54701) - Free parking near bridge linking to mainland. Space to 20 - 30 vans on grass and gravel. No services. Very popular and attractive spot with good beach and promenade. Can be quite windy. Good walks and cycling around the island - well worth a visit. (May 2015).  Index


LAS MEDULAS (Leon) (E -6.76761 / N 42.46148) - Calle El Penedo. Free public car park at entrance to village. Room for 8 - 10 vans, no services. Very attractive setting, and easy access to the old Roman gold mines - a marvellous sight. Well worth a visit. Very quiet at night. (May 2015).  Index


LEKEITIO (Biscay) (E -2.50722 / N 43.35833) - Ave Inigo Artieta. A large free car park with a dedicated area for 20 motorcaravans. Service point (Jeton from Tourist Office). Lights, slight slope, very quiet at night. A pretty fishing port with some nice buildings. (April 2015).  Index


LEON (Leon) (E -5.58472 / N 42.60472) - Ave Peregrinos. Free dedicated parking for 10 vans on paying car park. Free services (marked manhole covers, one for fresh water, one for waste). Nice old centre, but very busy, although things were quiet later on. (May 2015). Index


LOGRONO (La Rioja) (E -2.45725 / N 42.47926) - Ave de La Sonsierra. Free dedicated parking for 3 vans on large public car park next to roundabout. Free water/waste point, tarmac surface, 2 days maximum. A bit exposed, so we didn't stay. (May 2014). Index


LOGRONO (La Rioja) (E -2.50193 / N 42.44921) - Pantano de la Grajera. Large public car park by attractive lake on outskirts of Logrono. Space for 50+ vans, no services. Nice walks around lake with cafes, picnic tables etc. (May 2015). Index


MIENGO (Cantabria) (E -3.96522 / N 43.44945) - free parking by surfing beach - lovely scenery. Space for 50+ vans. No services, open all year. No company, so we didn't stay, but looked OK for overnight stop. (May 2015). Index 



MOLINASECA (Leon) (E -6.52026 / N 42.53941) - Calle Salgueras. Free public car park with space for 20 vans. No services, tarmac surface. Lovely old town with pretty bridge and riverside on the Pilgrims Route. (May 2015).  Index



MONDONEDO (Lugo) (E -7.37028 / N 43.42778) - Ave Calvo Sotelo, near sanctuary. Free dedicated parking for 15 vans, with a service point. Nice town with a marvellous cathedral. (May 2015). Index


MONFORTE DE LEMOS (Lugo) (E -7.51194 / N 42.52806) - Next to leisure centre, by river. Picnic area with room for 20 vans on tarmac, illuminated. Quiet at night. Lovely walk into town along river. Pretty town with castle on hill and interesting old buildings. Free service point. (May 2015).  Index



NAVIA (Asturias) (E -6.72028 / N 43.54528) - Traversia de la Granja, Calle Los Campitos. Picnic area next to supermarket with dedicated parking for 12 vans. Free service point (signposted). We only stopped for lunch, but fine for overnight stop. (May 2015). Index


O BARCO (Ourense) (E -6.97501 / N 42.41056) - Campino de Viloria, by river. Free parking next to sewage works for 12 vans, with free service point. Not very inviting, so we didn't stay. (May 2015). Index



ORELLAN (Leon) (E -6.74549 / N 42.45975) - Parc Las Medulas. Free public parking overlooking  Las Medulas Roman gold mines. No services. Room for 20 vans on tarmac. (May 2015).  Index


ORTIGUEIRA (A Coruna) (E -7.85833 / N 43.68592) - Preguiza, Barro Paseo Soto. Free public parking and service point (not very hygienic) by waterside. Not very inviting, so we didn't stay. (May 2015).  Index



ORTIGUERA (Asturias) (E -6.73389 / N 43.56083) - Free dedicated parking for 3 vans overlooking beach. There's more space on grass further on. Free signposted service point. Beautiful outlook, and nice walks along headland to lighthouse. Maximum 2 days. Well worth a stopover. (May 2015). Index



ORTIGUERA (Asturias) (E -6.73003 / N 43.55922) - Free public car park with space for 6+ vans overlooking beach. No services. (May 2015). Index



PALENCIA (Palencia) (E -4.53501 / N 42.00556) - Isla Dos Aguas Park, Ave Ponce de Leon. Dedicated parking for 20 vans next to park. Wide marked parking bays. Free water/waste point, signposted, tarmac surface, illuminated, quiet. Very pretty town, old buildings. Very popular parking. (April 2014). Index  


LUMBIER.JPG (26274 bytes)m.lumbier.jpg (53125 bytes)PAMPLONA (Navarra) - Camping Iturbero - LUMBIER (948-88 04 05). SE from Pamplona on N240, then NA150, before Lumbier. WC, chem disp., shower, shaver point, laundry sinks, hot water ( - appeared to be no cold!) inc. Very clean facilities. Few water taps in grounds. Nice walk into town along river. Gorges etc. within few miles. CC. 2115pta/night (May 2000). Index


PONFERRADA (Leon) (E -6.58648 / N 42.54356) - Ave del Castillo, Calle de la Loma. Large parking area for buses and motorcaravans. Space for 50+ vans, free service point. Tarmac surface, signposted. Pretty town on Pilgrims Route, with Knights Templar castle and attractive old quarter. (May 2015).  Index



PONTEVEDRA (Pontevedra) (E -8.65633 / N 42.42307) - Ave de Marin. Large public parking space beside the river, dirt surface, room for 50+ vans. Signposted service point - manhole for waste, separate manhole with hose for fresh water (not very hygienic). Nice town to visit, but we didn't stay overnight. (May 2015).  Index


RIBAS DO SIL (Lugo) ( E -7.28707 / N 42.46827) - Parque de Pena da Mula, San Clodio. Free dedicated parking for 3 vans by picnic area at river. Free service point, sink. Signposted, illuminated, quiet. Lovely location by keep-fit area and riverside cafe. Good walking and cycling opportunities. 2 days maximum. (May 2015).  Index



RONCEVALLES (Navarra) (E -1.31889 / N 43.00917) - Free parking in large car park below pilgrim's hostel. Slight slope, tarmac. No services. Start of pilgrim's route in Spain. OK for overnight stop. (April 2014). Index



SADA (A Coruna) (E -8.25389 / N 43.35472) - Ave del Puerto. Free parking for 15 vans and signposted service point by seafront. Maintenance was being carried out, so we parked next door in Carrefour supermarket for lunch, and then drove on. If we had stayed, the parking place was by a busy road, and could have been noisy at night. The town itself looked quite nice with a good promenade. (May 2015).  Index



SAN VICENTE DE LA BARQUERA (Cantabria) (E -4.38458 / N 43.38986) - Parque Natural Oyambre. Free parking for 30+ vans by surfers beach opposite the town. Grass and hardcore surface. Nice walk across old bridge to an attractive town centre. Lovely scenery. (May 2015). Index



santillana.JPG (41351 bytes)m.santillana.jpg (29132 bytes)SANTILLANA DEL MAR (Cantabria) - Camping Santillana (942-81 82 50). From Santander on C6316. WC, (very) hot showers, shaver points inc. Bar, restaurant, swimming pool (in season). Electricity 400pta. Very clean facilities and well run campsite, close to Santander and Alta Mira caves. Ten minutes walk from Santillana, a very pretty but commercialised medieval town. CC. 2514pta/night (May 2000). Index


SATURRARAN (Guipuzkoa) (E -2.41111 / N 43.31972) - Mutriku, by beach. Free parking for 20 - 30 vans by coastal path to Ondarroa. Lovely location, quiet at night, but no services, no lights. Plenty of company, good overnight stay. (April 2015).  Index


TAPIA DE CASARIEGO (Asturias) (E -6.94586 / N 43.56625) - Playa Grande, Ave San Esteban.  Dedicated parking for 20+ vans overlooking the sea. Free service point, signposted, 3 days maximum. Pretty fishing port with attractive quay and good walks around the town. Quiet at night. (May 2015). Index



TUI (Pontevedra) (E -8.64656 / N 42.04333) - Puente Tripes, Ave de Portugal. Free dedicated parking for 3 - 4 vans beside busy road. Free service point, picnic area, signposted. Interesting old town with impressive cathedral. OK to visit, but we wouldn't stay overnight. (May 2015). Index



VITORIA GASTEIZ (Alava) (E -2.68528 / N 42.86583) - Portal de Foronda, near police station. Free dedicated parking for 10 vans in large car park. Free water/waste point, signposted, level, tarmac surface, maximum 3 days stay. Very popular, quiet at night. A bit far from centre, but OK. (April 2014) Index


ZAMORA (Zamora) (E -5.57611 / N 41.50361) - Parking de Valorio, Calle de los Pisones. Free parking for 30+ vans in public car park. No services. Illuminated, tarmac surface. We only stopped for lunch, but looked OK for overnighting. (May 2014). Index



ZARAUTZ.JPG (16073 bytes)m.zarautz.jpg (31279 bytes)ZARAUTZ (Pais Vasco/Euskadi) - Gran Camping Zarautz (943-83 12 38). On N634 from San Sebastian, through Orio - follow signs. WC, hot showers, chem disp., laundry, restaurant. Clean facilities, beautiful views looking over Zarautz. Tiered pitches, but not crowded in. Cliff path leads down to Zarautz. Good base for northern coast. CC. 2185pta/night (May 2000). Index


ZUMAIA (Guipuzcoa) (E -2.24708 / N 43.29303) - Calle de la Estacion. Free Aire for 20 vans beside river, near cycle path. Free water/waste point. Tarmac surface, signposted. Quiet at night. Lovely fishing port. (April 2015)   Index 



ZUMAIA (Guipuzcoa) (E -2.25408 / N43.29682) -  Santiago Auzoa. Free parking by marina for 30 - 40 vans. No services, but looks OK for overnighting. (April 2015). Index