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Italy has a wide choice of motorcaravan stopovers - there's a good selection in the French Guide Officiel des Etapes, and I was also given a good booklet called Portolano '99 while we were parked in Turin (the local club's chairman knocked the door while we were having lunch and gave us a copy. We thought we were parking incorrectly!).  The booklet is produced by Pleinair, who also have a web site (click here).


Campsites are numerous in Italy, but we didn't find them cheap, particularly in the Dolomites, and pitch sizes are quite often smaller than the UK.
















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ACQUI TERME 15011 (PIEMONTE/ALESSANDRIA) - Free parking by old Battisti barracks. Free water/Chem disp. Very busy, and noisy in night (A brass band was rehearsing next door to us! - bad choice for a Friday). Lovely town, but we obviously only stayed one night. (May 2004).

100_1854 Acqui Terme Aire C.jpg (51891 bytes)(E 8.47222 / N 44.66528) New parking over the river bridge, about 10 minutes from the centre. Excellent facilities, free water waste, and some electrical points. Level, hardstanding, shaded by trees. No signpost, perhaps because it was quite new. Lovely old town, Roman aqueduct remains by bridge. Very popular. Sited opposite a large spa facility. We talked to some Italian OAP's who stayed there for a fortnight to take the waters. (free to OAP's). Well worth a visit.  (Sept 2006).tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

ADRIA 45011 (VENETO/ROVIGO) (E 12.06974 / N 45.05029) - Via Madre Teresa Di Calcutta. Free dedicated parking for 4 vans by picnic area. Free water/waste and electricity (4 points). Tarmac surface, illuminated, signposted. Quiet at night. Nice town. (Sept 2014). Index


ALTAVILLA VICENTINA 36077 (VENETO/VICENZA) (E 11.45611 / N 45.51601) - Via Papa Giovanni XXIII. Free public parking in industrial estate. Free water/waste point, though a bit scruffy.  No company, and nothing to see so we didn't stay. (May 2011).  Index


100_1865 Andora parking 1 C.jpg (48002 bytes)ANDORA 17051 (LIGURIA/SAVONA) (E 8.13913 / N 43.94816) - Free parking for 8 - 10 vans just off main road, at the end of Via A Fontana. Illuminated, asphalt, level. No45011 services. There's not much free parking for motorcaravans in this area, so this was a lucky find. Short walk down to the seafront of this pleasant seaside town. (Sept 2006). Index


100_1822 Antey St Andre parking C.jpg (48391 bytes)ANTEY ST ANDRE 11020 (VAL D'AOSTA) (E 7.58743 / N 45.80704) - free parking in the Vista sul Corvino piazza. No services, but quiet at night. OK for night stop. (Sept 2006).  Index



m.arona.jpg (24314 bytes)ARONA 28041 (PIEMONTE/NOVARA) (E 8.58217 / N 45.72879) - Camp Rose, DORMELETTO (0322 497083). One of several sites situated at south end of Lake Maggiore. Good access, reasonable value. No English spoken. Nice situation right on the lake. Modern Toilet block - some English toilets, but several closed late in the season. 28000L, inc. shaver point, showers 500L (Sept, 1999). Index

100_2403  Bagno Vignoni C.jpg (52268 bytes)BAGNO VIGNONI 53027 (TOSCANA/SIENA) (E 11.62023 / N 43.02993) - free parking for 15 - 20 vans at entrance to village. There was supposed to be a water point, but we couldn't find it. Lovely old village with spa water pool in square. Hardcore surface, quiet at night. Very popular. (Oct 2007).  Index


BASSANO DEL GRAPPA 36061 (VENETO/VICENZA) - Free parking in walled carpark with security gates. (No problem with being locked in!) Very quiet. No facilities. Lovely old town by river, covered wooden bridge. (June 2004). Index

BATTAGLIA TERME 35041 (VENETO/PADOVA) (E 11.79088 / N 45.28736) - entrance to town. Free car park next to football ground for 10+ vans. No services, good cycle paths, pretty spa town. There was some noise from youths up to 11pm, but no trouble. (Sept 2014).  Index



baveno.JPG (19719 bytes)Map of Baveno on Lake MaggioreBAVENO 28831 (PIEMONTE/VERBANIA) - Camping Stresa - LAKE MAGGIORE - situated within the town - difficult entrance for larger vans, enclosed by buildings (reminded me of Steptoes’ yard). Small plots (usual for Italy). Sanitary facilities old but clean (English toilets). Small bar/restaurant on site. Lady manager spoke English, but could be temperamental. Well situated as base for Lake Maggiore. 23000L, Showers 1800L, Hot water 100L (Sept 1999). Index


BESENELLO 38060 (TRENTINO/TRENTO) (E 11.10846 / N 45.94255) - 3 reserved places in large public carpark below cemetery. No services (water available by cemetery). Lovely town with nice walk up to mountain castle (Castel Beseno). Very quiet at night. (June 2011). Index


(E 11.10821 / N 45.94399) - Public parking beside cemetery, with free water tap. (June 2011). Index



BorgoSanDalmazzo.JPG (30172 bytes)BORGO SAN DALMAZZO 12011 (PIEMONTE/CUNEO) (E 7.49097 / N 44.32971) - Via Giovanni XXIII - free parking next to sportsfield. local signposting. Free services. Next to railway line, so we didn't stay overnight, but the town looked quite nice. (May 2004). Index


BORGO TOSSIGNANO 40021  (EMILIA ROMAGNA/BOLOGNA) (E 11.58513 / N 44.27568) - Via Marzabotto, by river. Free public car park for 10 vans, with free water, but no waste point. Open all year. Quiet at night. Good for overnight stop. (Sept 2014).  Index


100_2456  Brentino Belluno C.jpg (62982 bytes)BRENTINO BELLUNO 37020 (VENETO/VERONA) (E 10.89427 / N 45.65848) - Free parking in Albergo Olivo carpark, beside river in commune of Rivalta. No services. Some road noise, but quiet at night. OK for night stop. (Oct 2007). Index



BRUNICO 39031 (TRENTINO/BOLZANO) (E 11.92991 / N 46.79575) - Piazza Mercato di Stegona, P2 Bus Park. Free parking for 30 - 40 vans on tarmac. No services, quiet at night, nice town. (June 2011). Index



Calcerinica.JPG (66688 bytes)CALCERANICA 38050 (TRENTINO/TRENTO) (E 11.24217 / N 46.00422) - Free parking by church, slight sloping, no facilities. Lovely town by Lake Caldonazzo. Nice lakeside walks. Very hot. (June 2004). Index


CALDERARA DI RENO 40012 (EMILIA ROMAGNA/BOLOGNA) (E 11.26928 / N 44.55963) - Via Roma. 4 dedicated places in free public car park opposite large cemetery. 4 electricity points (looked damaged), service point with water charged at 10cents/10L. No company, so we moved on. (Sept 2014).  Index



campitello.JPG (25619 bytes)Map of Campitello CAMPITELLO 38031 - Camp Miravale - TRENTO (0462 62002). Situated within town, easy access, beautiful view of the Dolomites. Very clean facilities, reasonable size plots. 39500L inc. showers and electricity (2A only!) (Sept 1999). Index


CARTIGLIANO 36050 (VENETO/VICENZA) (E 11.69103 / N 45.71349) - Viale Lungo Brenta, by sports centre. Free parking for 20 vans, illuminated, level. No services, open all year. Probably OK, but we only stayed for lunch. (Sept 2014).  Index



CasaleMonferrato.JPG (31340 bytes)CASALE MONFERRATO 15033 (PIEMONTE/ALESSANDRIA) (E 8.46076 / N 45.12387) - free parking in square beside castle walls. Water/waste disposal free. Illuminated. No signposting.  Lovely town with historic centre. Avoid on weekends (boy racers into the early hours, though not threatening), also Tues and Fri markets. (May 2004). Index


CASALEGGIO BOIRO 15070 (PIEMONTE/ALESSANDRIA) (E 8.73254 / N 44.63354) - Via Castello, by football ground. Free spaces for 6 vans, with free service point. Nothing much there so we didn't stay. (Oct 2014).  Index


100_2431  Castel del Piano C.jpg (63079 bytes)CASTEL DEL PIANO 58033 (TOSCANA/GROSSETO) (E 11.53701 / N 42.88722) - free public car park next to dancing school. Level, shaded, with free water/waste point in adjoining car park.  Nice town with good views of the surrounding area. Too many boy scooter riders, but it quietened down in the night. Index


CASTEL SAN PIETRO TERME 40024 (EMILIA ROMAGNA/BOLOGNA) (E 11.59219 / N 44.39696) - Via Alfredo Oriani, near hospital. Large free public carpark with 100+ places.  Service point (with charge) a bit run down. Very busy, so we moved to car park by cemetery. Nice town with lots of arcades. (Sept 2014)  Index


CASTEL SAN PIETRO TERME 40024 (EMILIA ROMAGNA/BOLOGNA) (E 11.58571 / N 44.39351) - SP21. Free parking next to cemetery for 10 vans. No services, but quiet at night, so a good overnight stop. (Sept 2014).  Index


CASTELLETTO D'ORBA 15060 (PIEMONTE/ALESSANDRIA) (E 8.69905 / N 44.68601) - SP 175. Picnic area with 10 free places, service point and electricity points. Level, illuminated, CCTV, quiet. No company, but no problems. (Oct 2014). Index



100_2378  Castellina in Chianti C.jpg (51426 bytes)CASTELLINA IN CHIANTI 53011 (TOSCANA/SIENA) (E 11.28761 / N 43.47331) - Well signposted free Aire on SS222, at edge of town, close to Etruscan tomb. Large area for 30 vans with free water/waste point, very popular. Slight slope, with some level places. Lovely hilltop town with beautiful views. (Sept 2007).  Index tic.gif (1004 bytes)


100_2351  Castelmassa C.jpg (56249 bytes)CASTELMASSA 45035 (VENETO/ROVIGO) (E 11.30976 / N 45.01531) - Free Aire by the river Po for 4 - 5 vans, on the river embankment, Via Argine. Free service point, picnic tables. Level, quiet at night, though a bit lonely in September. Good cycle/walking path along embankment. Castelmassa is a small industrial town. (Sept 2007). Index


100_2439  Castelnuovo di Garfagnana C.jpg (51039 bytes)CASTELNUOVO DI GARFAGNANA 55032 (TOSCANA/LUCCA) (E 10.40292 / N 44.11416) - Free parking by football stadium, free water/waste point. Popular site for approx. 12 vans, signposted. Parking fills up with cars when football match is in progress, but no problem afterwards. Pretty town, with excursions possible in adjoining valleys. (Oct 2007). Index


100_2465  Castelrotto C.jpg (52083 bytes)CASTELROTTO 39040 (TRENTINO/BOLZANO) (E 11.56091 / N 46.56785) - Free parking in public car park "P2". No services,  slightly sloping. Beautiful town in the Schlern region, just out of the main valley at Pont Gardena. Lovely walks in surrounding meadows. Well worth a visit - we stayed for two days. Very popular with Germans, even in October. (Oct 2007). Index tic.gif (1004 bytes) (N.B. NO LONGER AVAILABLE - 2014)



100_2417  Castiglione d'Orcia C.jpg (51497 bytes)CASTIGLIONE D'ORCIA 53023 (TOSCANA/SIENA) (E 11.61761 / N 43.00416) - Viale Marconi. Free parking behind Pro Loco tourist office , next to tennis courts at end of town.  Free water/waste facility. Beautiful views of surrounding countryside. Lovely old medieval town on hill. (Oct 2007). Index


CAVALESE 38033 (TRENTINO/TRENTO) (E 11.47281 / N 46.28429) - free parking by skilifts. Several water/waste points, but switched off . WC and water tap available over footbridge by lifts. Good cycle/walking paths from carpark, lovely scenery. (June 2011). Index


CEREA 37053 (VENETO/VERONA) (E 11.21049 / N 45.19876) - Via Oberdan. Free dedicated parking for 4 vans on public carpark by exhibition ground. Free water/waste service point, Electricity 1E. We didn't stay as there was no company on a Friday night, but it would probably be OK. (May 2011).  Index


100_2356  Certaldo C.jpg (51530 bytes)CERTALDO 50052 (TOSCANA/FIRENZE) (E 11.04598 / N 43.54672) - Free public parking at Piazza del Macelli, at foot of old hilltop town. Shaded, with free water/waste point. Quiet at night. Used by locals for parking m/vans, but also one or two visitors. Certaldo Alto is a lovely old hilltop town. (Sept 2007).  Index


100_1834 Cervinia Aire - Matterhorn C.jpg (47923 bytes)CERVINIA 11021 (VAL D'AOSTA) (E 7.62935 / N 45.93762) - Dedicated Motorcaravan parking south of town, with a fantastic view of the Matterhorn. 6E/night, but free out of season. Water/ waste disposal, illuminated, asphalt, level. Good marked walks in surrounding mountains. Marvellous location. (Sept 2006).tic.gif (1004 bytes)   Index


Cherasco.JPG (41127 bytes)CHERASCO 12062 (PIEMONTE/CUNEO) (E 7.85807 / N 44.64861) - Free parking at entrance to the town. Pretty Bastide type town on plateau. Free water and chem. disposal. Good walk around perimeter walls. Noisy road at night. Local signposting. (May 2004).    (N.B. NO LONGER AVAILABLE - MAY 2011).


(E 7.85529 / N 44.64947) - Piazza Giovanni Paolo II, free parking for 8 vans, (marked), but space for many more in large carpark. Free water/waste, electricity and WC. No shade, tarmac surface. (May 2011). Index


CLASSE 48100 (EMILIA ROMAGNA/RAVENNA) (E 12.23497 / N 44.37833) - Via Romea, near Basilica San Apollinare. Free public car park, space for 30+ vans on hardstanding. Free service point, not very hygienic. Illuminated, signposted, quiet. Open all year. OK for overnight stop. (Sept 2014). Index


100_1807 Cognes Aire C.jpg (48248 bytes)COGNE 11012 (VAL D'AOSTA) (E 7.35831 / N 45.60841) - Reserved motorcaravan parking at end of public car park next to river Urtier. River bit noisy at night. (10E/night high season, 8E/night low season, 1E elec. - free parking in day until 8.00pm). Beautiful town - ski resort, good walking in summer. (Sept 2006).


100_1809 Cognes parking C.jpg (46721 bytes)Free parking next to cemetery by entrance to town. Quiet, no services. (Sept 2006). Index



100_1893 Col de Maddalena parking C.jpg (45171 bytes)COL DE MADDALENA 12010 (PIEMONTE/CUNEO) - free parking at the pass, on the border with France, on the SS21. Beautiful scenery. (Oct 2006). Index


100_1884 Colle di Nava parking C.jpg (45482 bytes)COLLE DI NAVA 12078 (LIGURIA/IMPERIA) - free parking at pass, on SS28. Public WC/water. Marked walks, old fort. (Oct 2006).  Index


100_2375  Colle di Val d'Elsa C.jpg (52038 bytes)COLLE DI VAL D'ELSA 53034 (TOSCANA/SIENA) (E 11.11645 / N 43.42188) - free public parking at top of town, at Via Porta Vecchia. Illuminated, partly sloping, no services.  Lovely hilltop town, good views of surrounding countryside. Quiet at night. (Sept 2007). Index


COMACCHIO 44022 (EMILIA ROMAGNA/FERRARA) (E 12.18489 / N 44.69084) - Via Conca. Free parking for 30 vans near Ponte dei Trepponti. There's supposed to be a service point, but we couldn't find it. Noisy youths at night, but thankfully we had a lot of company. The town is lovely with many canals and small bridges. Well worth a visit, but overnighting should be avoided. (Sept 2014).  Index



Fiames.JPG (48311 bytes)CORTINA 32043 (VENETO/BELLUNO) (E 12.11743 / N 46.57285) - Free parking at Fiames, just outside Cortina. Illuminated, water/waste, hardstandings. Sited on old airfield (still used by helicopters!). Free now, but looked as though it is charged at some time (01/10 - 15/6). (June 2004). Index tic.gif (1004 bytes)


100_1747 Entreve, La Palud parking C.jpg (48912 bytes)COURMAYEUR 11013 (VAL D'AOSTA) (E 6.96096 / N 45.81613) - Free parking at La Palud, Entreve, just above Courmayeur. Public car park just past the Mt Blanc tunnel exit. No services, sloping, but wonderful view of Mt Blanc. Next to river, so don't park to close, as it's quite noisy in night.  (Sept 2006). Index


DEMONTE 12014 (PIEMONTE/CUNEO) (E 7.29495 / N 44.31551) - Piazza Renzo Spada. Free parking on public car park for 20 vans, gravel surface, signposted. No services. Pretty town with arcades and interesting park just behind main street. (Oct 2014).  Index


DIANO D'ALBA 12055 (PIEMONTE/CUNEO) (E 8.02836 / N 44.65034) - Piazza Chiesa San Giovanni, Via Umberto I. Free parking for 10 vans next to church in hilltop town with beautiful views all around. Level, illuminated, hardstanding, no services. Nice situation apart from church bells all night! (May 2011). Index


100_1882 Diano Marino - Oasi Park C.jpg (49809 bytes)DIANO MARINA 18013 (LIGURIA/IMPERIA) - Oasi Park campsite. Large site for 100+ vans, Water/waste, showers, laundry. 10E/night, 15E in high season; offers - 10 days/ 50E, we had 2 nights for 1 for 10E. Electricity 2E. Nice site set in olive groves with good walks around town and surrounding countryside. Pretty seaside resort.  (Oct 2006). Index


Fenestrelle.JPG (34764 bytes)FENESTRELLE 10060 (PIEMONTE/TORINO) (E 7.04629 / N 45.03857) - Aree Sosta - Free motorcaravan parking above village, next to cemetery. Buses park at bottom end, but not a problem. Free water, chem disposal. 8 places, illuminated, signposted, good views. Pretty village, shops, restaurants. (May 2004).  Index tic.gif (1004 bytes)


100_1815 Fenis Aire C.jpg (45739 bytes)FENIS 11020 (VAL D'AOSTA) (E 7.48947) / N 45.73861) - Free parking in dedicated area by cemetery. Free water/waste disposal. No parking limit, quiet at night (some trains during day - not a problem). Small town with lovely castle and church. (Sept 2006). Index


FIORANO MODENESE 41042 (EMILIA ROMAGNA/MODENA) (E 10.82615 / N 44.54133) - Via Cameazzo 6 - free dedicated parking for 6 vans in gated area. Service point (water 2E, electricity points 2E/8 hrs). To open the gate you needed to phone the displayed number for a code, but we didn't bother, and moved on. (Sept 2014).  Index



FORLIMPOPOLI 47034 (EMILIA ROMAGNA/FORLI) (E 12.11902 / N 44.18498) - Via Tulipano, by sports centre. Free service point in public parking, but there are "No Motorcaravan" signs so we didn't stay. (Sept 2014)   Index


FRATTA TERME 47032 (EMILIA ROMAGNA/FORLI) (E 12.10239 / N 44.13738) - Via SuperGa. Free parking for 50 vans near sports centre. Free service point, slight slope. Next to disused spa park. Illuminated, signposted, picnic area. Very quiet at night. Pleasant small town. (Sept 2014). Index



100_2438  Ghivissano C.jpg (54044 bytes)GHIVISSANO 55025 (TOSCANA/LUCCA) (E 10.51221 / N 44.02832) - Free motorcaravan parking for 2 vans by old railway station. Free water/waste (waste a little away from parking). Signposted (turn left at Tourist Info sign in centre). We were told it was quite quiet at night, but as there was a fair the next day, we moved on. (Oct 2007). Index


GRANA MONFERRATO 14031 (PIEMONTE/ASTI) (E 8.29659 / N 45.00151) - Via Serra Castello. Free parking by picnic area near sports field, for 20 vans. Water 5E (from kiosk), playground. Nice walks around town. While we were there a game of Tamborello (handball with tambourines) was in progress - very interesting. (May 2011).  Index


100_1846 Gressoney St Jean Aire C.jpg (45162 bytes)GRESSONEY ST JEAN 11025 (VAL D'AOSTA) (E 7.83553 / N 45.85656) - Signposted parking on public car park, about 1.5 miles from centre of town - central parking difficult. 5E/day, 5E/night charge, but free from 3rd Sept. Fresh water/Chem disposal,WC, rubbish bins. Illuminated, quiet, asphalt. Gressoney St Jean very pretty town straddling river. (Sept 2006).  Index


GRINSANE CAVOUR 12060 (PIEMONTE/CUNEO) (E 7.98921 / N 44.65527) - Piazza Prof. Ugo Genta, Via Bricco. Free parking area with picnic tables, signposted for 3 vans. Free water/waste (opposite). Hilltop town with lovely views and pretty castle. Illuminated, slight slope, very quiet at night. (May 2011). Index


Iseo.JPG (30536 bytes)ISEO 25049 (LOMBARDIA/BRESCIA) - Free parking in square by the port. No facilities. Lovely views of Lake Iseo, nice walks. Quiet at night. Good Friday market. (June 2004). Index


LENDINARA 45026 (VENETO/ROVIGO) (E 11.59972 / N 45.08001) Via Della Pace. Free dedicated parking for 6 vans by picnic area near sports centre. Free waste/water, signposted, illuminated, tarmac surface. The town is a bit run down, but has some attraction, with a canal running through the centre. (Sept 2014).  Index


Lovere.JPG (55154 bytes)LOVERE 24065 (LOMBARDIA/BERGAMO) (E 10.07983 / N 45.82038) - Free parking by lakeside (not dedicated). Crowded by day, but OK at night. Free water only. Beautiful town, with lovely views of Lake Iseo. Very hot and humid in May. (May 2004). Index


Lucca.JPG (20280 bytes)m.lucca.JPG (33945 bytes)LUCCA 55100 (TUSCANY) -  Viale Luporini Sant'Anna - free motorcaravan park on the outskirts of Lucca (10 min walk to the walled city) which will accommodate 20 - 30 vehicles. free services. A nice location with some shading. Lucca is a beautiful city with plenty to see- well worth the visit. The park was quite busy and is very popular with all nationalities (no British while we were there!). I found this site in the Pleinair booklet. (May 2001). Index


Lurisia.JPG (45605 bytes)LURISIA 12088 (PIEMONTE/CUNEO) (E 7.70613 / N 44.30614) - Free reserved motorcaravan park with space for 10 vans. Free water/waste disposal. A bit overgrown when we arrived, but three workmen came and proceeded to cut the grass (perhaps we were the first of the season!). A lovely spa town, where I believe Madame Curie originated. Nice walks, very quiet, and well signposted. (May 2004) Index tic.gif (1004 bytes)


100_2337  Marostica C.jpg (55924 bytes)MAROSTICA 36063 (VENETO/VICENZA) (E 11.65305 / N 45.74411) - free public parking in Via Rimembranza, next to town walls. Level parking, illuminated, with free water/waste point, and waste bins. Lovely walled town with beautiful town square. Well worth a visit. Known for its "human chess" game in the square. (Sept 2007). Index tic.gif (1004 bytes)


menaggio.JPG (22093 bytes)Map of Menaggio on Lake ComoMENAGGIO 22017 (LOMBARDIA/COMO) - Camping Europa - LAKE COMO (0344 31187). Small shady site on the edge of town, not very clean, awkward access. Small plots, old, dark shower block. 25000L inc. showers (Sept 1999). Index

MESOLA 44026 (EMILIA ROMAGNA/FERRARA) (E 12.23439 / N 44.92337) - Via Giugno 2, by sports field. Free parking for 6 vans, free service point. Tarmac surface, illuminated, signposted. Not very inviting, so we didn't stay. (Sept 2014). Index



molveno2.JPG (17444 bytes)MOLVENO 38018 (TRENTINO/TRENTO) (E 10.95845 / N 46.13817) - Camping Spiaggia - TRENTO (0461 586978) - signposted from SS421. Beautiful setting on the edge of the Lake Molveno. Well run, clean modern sanitary facilities, reasonable size plots and easy access. Water outlets spaced out regularly. English spoken. Lovely town, good walks, worth staying several days. 35000L inc. showers and electricity. (Sept 1999). Index tic.gif (1004 bytes)


Mondovi.JPG (37800 bytes)MONDOVI 12040 (PIEMONTE/CUNEO) (E 7.81932 / N 44.38998) - Piazza Repubblica, near old railway station. Free motorcaravan parking, with free water, waste disposal, quiet at night. Good stopover, very popular. Beautiful town by river, in two parts - Piazza (old), on the hill, and Breo (new), below. Good shops, cafes etc. Very well signposted. (May 2004).  Index tic.gif (1004 bytes)


100_2346  Montagnana C.jpg (51473 bytes)MONTAGNANA 35044 (VENETO/PADOVA) (E 11.46624 / N 45.23595) - Free signposted parking in old barracks, (also used by buses) outside town walls. Free water/waste point. Quiet at night. Lovely old walled town. (Sept 2007). Index



100_2453  Montale C.jpg (51391 bytes)MONTALE 41051 (EMILIA/ROMAGNIA/MODENA) - free motorcaravan parking just off SS12, south of Modena. Small town with shops etc. Free water/waste, hardstanding, level, signposted. Looked a good quiet stopover. Room for 6 - 8 vans. (Oct 2007)Index.


MontebelloVicentino.JPG (38758 bytes)MONTEBELLO VICENTINO 36054 (VENETO/VICENZA) (E 11.38071 / N 45.45277) - Piazza del Redentore, at start of town near sports field. Free parking and water/chem disposal. We were there on a Saturday, and it looked as though it may be noisy, so we parked in the adjoining cemetery carpark for the night - probably OK on weekdays. (June 2004) Index


Monzabano.JPG (44459 bytes)MONZAMBANO 46040 (LOMBARDIA/MANTOVA) (E 10.69472 / N 45.38917) - Via Degli Alpini - Dedicated Motorcaravan site, run by local M/van club. Well signposted, gravel, level, services, quiet (even on Friday!). Illuminated. Electricity (although ours went off at midnight). 5E weekdays, 10E/day weekends - well worth it. (June 2004).  Index tic.gif (1004 bytes)


100_1787 Morgex parking 1 C.jpg (47957 bytes)MORGEX 11017 (VAL D'AOSTA) (E 7.03597 / N 45.75848) - Free public car park across road from church. No services, recycling bins, level. Quiet at night, noisy in morning. Good overnight stop. (Sept 2006). Index


100_1857  Ovada Aire C.jpg (49177 bytes)OVADA 15076 (PIEMONTE/ALESSANDRIA) (E 8.64861 / N 44.63751) - Free signposted motorcaravan parking, illuminated, level, hardstanding. Free water/waste, - toilets in bad condition. We only stopped for lunch. (Sept 2006). Index



Paesana.JPG (65983 bytes)PAESANA 12034 (PIEMONTE/CUNEO) - Free parking by river Po. No services, but pretty location. Quiet, but the river seemed quite loud during the night, when everything else was silent. Nice town with facilities. (May 2004).  Index


PassoDiCostalunga.JPG (42110 bytes)PASSO DI COSTALUNGA 39100 (TRENTINO/TRENTO) - Free   parking at pass. Beautiful scenery and walks. No facilities, but drinking water fountain nearby. Illuminated. Lots of traffic in day (motorbikes!), but very quiet at night.  (June 2004). Index tic.gif (1004 bytes)


PassoDiFalzarego.JPG (56290 bytes)PASSO FALZAREGO 32043 (VENETO/BELLUNO) (E 12.00831 / N 46.51951) - free parking by cable car. No facilities. Great walks, good base for climbing. Beautiful views. (June 2004).  Index tic.gif (1004 bytes)


PassoPordoi.JPG (43775 bytes)PASSO PORDOI 32020 (TRENTINO/BOLZANO) (E 11.80972 / N 46.48805) - Free parking at cablecar carpark. No facilities. Beautiful surroundings, walks. (Good walk to German war cemetery). No illumination. Very quiet. (June 2004). Index tic.gif (1004 bytes)


PavulloNeFrignano.JPG (34797 bytes)m.PavulloNelFrignano.JPG (70114 bytes)PAVULLO NEL FRIGNANO 41026 (EMILIA ROMAGNA/MODENA) (E 10.83578 / N 44.33748) - small free motorcaravan park in wooded picnic area on outskirts of town. Fresh water and waste disposal facilities. Pleinair booklet (May 2001).


m.pescantina.JPG (80731 bytes)PESCANTINA 37026 (VENETO) - Public car park on main road through Pescantina. Fresh water only. OK for overnight stop. (May 2001).


PIETRAPORZIO 12010 (PIEMONTE/CUNEO) (E 7.01778 / N 44.34857) - Dedicated aire for 8 - 10 vans in a lovely setting below the Col de la Maddalena. Parking - 5E/day, service point, WC.  Signposted, illuminated. (Oct 2014).Index


Pinerolo.JPG (47459 bytes)PINEROLO 10064 (PIEMONTE/TORINO) - Via Vecchia di Buriasco - free chem. disposal, but only one water tap, so drinking water doubtful. Well signposted. Parking possible, but I wouldn't recommend it. (May 2004). Index


Pisogne.JPG (34154 bytes)PISOGNE 25055 (LOMBARDIA/BRESCIA) - Free parking outside Camping Eden, on edge of town. No facilities, but water available in supermarket carpark nearby. Hardstanding, no signposting. Lovely town with lakeside setting on north end of Lake Iseo. Railway line opposite, but not a problem (no expresses, no running at night). Nice walks by lake and behind town. (June 2004). Index


PIZZIGHETTONE 26026 (LOMBARDIA/CREMONA) (E 9.79426 / N 45.18536) - Free dedicated parking opposite cemetery for 4 vans, signposted, hardstanding, free water/waste. Nice town with museum in old prison. (May 2011)  Index


PONTEVECCHIO 17058 (LIGURIA/SAVONA) (E 8.30239 / N 44.48943) - Dedicated free aire for 6 vans at road junction. Picnic table, free water/waste point. Nice  area, but situated too close to the road for overnight stops.  (Oct 2014). Index



100_1881 Port Maurizio Aire C.jpg (49530 bytes)PORTO MAURIZIO 18100 (LIGURIA/IMPERIA) - Signposted parking for 60 - 70 vans in the San Lazarro area, level illuminated, asphalt. Close to port. 5E/ low season, 7E/high season. Water/chem disposal at end of road (can be accessed without parking, if en route).  Single water outlet for fresh water/chem disp. - not very hygienic! Drain rather unsavoury. Lovely old town with a beautiful church. (Oct 2006). Index


POZZA DI FASSA 38036 (TRENTINO/TRENTO) (E 11.68704 / N 46.42698) - Via Dante. Free parking area (in low season) for 5 - 6 vans, no services, signposted. Nice views. (June 2011). Index



PREDAZZO 38037 (TRENTINO/TRENTO) (E 11.59971 / N 46.32583) - Via San Nicolo. Free parking by Latemar chairlift, alongside road. 15 spaces, free water/waste. (June 2011). Index



100_2386  Radda in Chianti C.jpg (74786 bytes)RADDA IN CHIANTI 53017 (TOSCANA/SIENA) (E 11.37514 / N 43.48622) - well signposted, illuminated free parking below town walls. In two sections - lower section more level, upper section prettier. Free water/waste point. Room for 12 vans. Lovely town with beautiful surrounding scenery. (Sept 2007).  Index tic.gif (1004 bytes)


RECOARO TERME 36076 (VENETO/VICENZA) (E 11.22961 / N 45.70474) - Via Della Resistenza. Dedicated gated parking for 10 vans by tennis courts. Parking - 5E, Water 1E/100L. Nice views. (May 2011) Index


REGGIO EMILIA 42121 (EMILIA ROMAGNA/REGGIO EMILIA) (E 10.62391 / N 44.77082) - Via XX Septembre. Large free public car park with free service point. Busy in the day but quiet at night. Fine for an overnight stop and to visit the city. (Sept 2014). Index



RIOLO TERME 48025 (EMILIA ROMAGNA/RAVENNA) (E 11.72083 / N 44.27278) - Via Firenze. Public parking for 30 vans near river. Free water/ waste. WC. Nice town with pretty castle. Not far from Spa park. (Sept 2014).  Index


ROCCAFORTE MONDOVI 12088 (PIEMONTE/CUNEO) (E 7.74284 / N 44.31775) - Free dedicated parking for 20 vans beside road on tarmac surface, with free water/waste point. Pretty little town. (May 2011). Index



ROVERETO 38068 (TRENTINO/TRENTO) (E 11.03695 / N 45.90249) - Via Palestrina. Free dedicated parking for 10 vans by sports stadium. Free water/waste, signposted, illuminated, rubbish bins, picnic table. Some traffic noise, but quiet at night. There were two gypsy vans while we were there, but apart from noisy children, no trouble. (May 2011). Index  (Upgraded in 2014 to gated, chargeable area with washroom, showers and 8 electricity points).


SALSOMAGGIORE TERME 43039 (EMILIA ROMAGNA/PARMA) (E 9.98981 / N 44.82005) - Via Gramsci, near station. Dedicated free parking for 20 vans by railway line (Still quiet, as it's the end of the line). Free water/waste point. Signposted. Lovely town with nice parks and magnificent baths in centre. Very popular. (Sept 2014).  Index 


100_1866  San Bartolomeo Aire C.jpg (55276 bytes)SAN BARTOLOMEO AL MARE 18016 (LIGURIA/IMPERIA) (E 8.10501 / N 43.92444) - Reserved parking for 60 vans, fenced, illuminated, level, gravel. Water/Chem disposal. 8E/night low season, 10E/high season. Pretty seaside town with good walks. We walked to Cervo, a lovely medieval hilltown. (Sept 2006). Index



SanDamianoMacra.JPG (37483 bytes)SAN DAMIANO MACRA 12029 (PIEMONTE/CUNEO) - Free parking in the police piazza. Drinking water by the side of the church. Lovely location in the Maira valley, up from Dronero, where there are motorcaravan facilities, though not quiet enough for overnight parking. (May 2004). Index


SAN GIOVANNI IN PERSICETO 40017 (EMILIA ROMAGNA/ BOLOGNA) (E 11.17961 / N 44.64118) - Via Marzobotto, near church. Public car park under trees. Space for 10+ vans, but no services. (Sept 2014). Index


Map of S.Michele d'AdigeSAN MICHELE D’ADIGE 38010 (TRENTINO/TRENTO) - Hotel Moser Carmela - small campsite at rear of hotel on main Trento road (noise from road and adjacent railway). Meals available at hotel. Clean toilet block , but showers cold!). Overnight stop only. 25000L inc. showers and electricity. (Sept 1999).

SANTORSO 36014 (VENETO/VICENZA) (E 11.39291 / N 45.73672) - Via Salsena 1, by Cooperative. Free signposted parking for 10 vans in public car park near picnic area. Quiet, no services, illuminated. OK for an overnight stop. (Sept 2014).  Index


100_2336  Schio C.jpg (53622 bytes)SCHIO 36015 (VENETO/VICENZA) (E 11.37687 / N 45.71428) - Free signposted parking for 4 vans at Palazetto dello Sport Viale dell'Industria, 10 minutes from the historic centre. Busy in day, but very quiet at night. Free water/waste point, but waste drain blocked, and overflowed when used. Pretty town. (Sept 2007). Index


selva.JPG (18424 bytes)Map of SelvaSELVA di VAL GARDENA 39048 (TRENTINO/BOLZANO) (E 11.75877 / N 46.55565) - Designated motorcaravan free parking above Selva next to ski lifts (no facilities, overnight only). Pleinair booklet. (Sept 1999).



100_2451  Serramazzoni C.jpg (53302 bytes)SERRAMAZZONI 41028 (EMILIA ROMAGNA/MODENA) (E 10.79417 / N 44.42227) - Free parking in public carpark (signposted). Illuminated, free water/waste. Quiet, but we were on our own, and felt a bit exposed - there was a "boy racer" in the night. Pretty spa town, nice shops. (Oct 2007). Index


SIUSI 39040 (TRENTINO/BOLZANO) (E 11.56581 / N 46.54016). Free parking by cable car for 40+ vans. No services. Gravel surface, slight slope, but no problem. Quiet, with lovely outlook below Seiser Alm. Not illuminated. Lovely town with nice walks. (Sept 2014).tic.gif (1004 bytes)    Index



Soave.JPG (35495 bytes)SOAVE 37038 (VENETO/VERONA) (E 11.24648 / N 45.42445) - Porto Bassano. Free parking by castle wall, with free water/chem disp. Shaded, local signposting. Nice town overlooked by castle, but road was noisy, so we didn't stay overnight. (June 2004). Index


(E 11.24533 / N 45.42359) Free dedicated parking for 10 vans next to police station, facing town walls. 8 free electricity points, free water/waste. Maximum 3 days. Quiet overnight, good place to stay. (May 2011). Index



SOMMARIVO DEL BUSCO 12048 (PIEMONTE/CUNEO) (E 7.78301 / N 44.76411) - Via Due Acque 6, next to sports ground. Free parking, free water/waste. Area a bit scruffy, and next to a railway, so quite noisy. (May 2011) Index



SOMMARIVO PERNO 12040 (PIEMONTE/CUNEO) (E 7.89667 / N 44.75139) - free picnic area opposite cemetery with space for 10 vans on rough hardstanding. Free water/waste, little shade. Next to busy road, so we didn't stay. (May 2011). Index


SORAGNA 43019 (EMILIA ROMAGNA/PARMA) (E 10.12561 / N 44.92984) - Via G Matteotti. Picnic area with free spaces for 10 vans. Free service point. Signposted, illuminated, quiet at night. Pretty town with a castle and covered arcades. (Sept 2014).  Index


STEZZANO 24040 (LOMBARDIA/BERGAMO) (E 9.65282 / N 45.65606) - Free motorcaravan parking in Via Mascagni. Easy to miss signpost for street, only local signpost for parking. Free water/chem disposal. Quiet, apart from being under Bergamo airport flight path! Pretty sanctuary just outside town. (May 2004). Index

100_2355  Suviana C.jpg (53184 bytes)SUVIANA 40030 (EMILIA ROMAGNA/BOLOGNA) - free public parking by tennis courts, level, very quiet. No services. Close to Lake Suviana. (Sept 2007).  Index



100_1760 Testa d'Arpy Aire C.jpg (49892 bytes)TESTA D'ARPY 11016 (VAL D'AOSTA) (E 6.98977 / N 45.74341) - Free parking behind hotel on road beyond the village of Arpy, up side valley from Morgex. Next to picnic area with WC, water, waste bins, picnic tables. Good location with several marked walks in surrounding mountains (Lake d'Arpy, Col de Croce). Beautiful sights, quiet at night. (Sept 2006). Index



100_2434  Torre Mozza C.jpg (54474 bytes)TORRE MOZZA 57025 (TOSCANA/LIVORNO) (E 10.69332 / N 42.94672) - free parking in aire at "Carbonifera 1" (paying June - Sept, 22E/day, or water/waste 6E). Water available in next Carbonifera park, further down road. Small commune 2-3 miles north of Follonica. Very popular with Germans. Nice location with cycle track by canal, leading to Follonica. Access through pine trees to beach. (Oct 2007).   Index tic.gif (1004 bytes)


TRISSINO 36070 (VENETO/VICENZA) (E 11.37671 / N 45.56421) - Via Palladio, next to Agno river. Free parking for 2 vans by cycle path along river. Free water/waste point. Quiet at night. (May 2011). Index



100_1858 Vado Ligure parking C.jpg (47839 bytes)VADO LIGURE 17047 (LIGURIA/SAVONA) (E 8.44019 / N 44.26823) - Free signposted parking alongside factory. Slight slope, can be noisy, but fairly quiet at night. No services. Night stop only. (Sept 2006). Index



100_1802 Valgrisenche Aire C.jpg (47606 bytes)VALGRISENCHE 11010 (VAL D'AOSTA) (E 7.06333 / N 45.61925) - Motorcaravan parking below dam at end of valley. Service block, 10E/night. Closed when we were there. (Sept 2006).



100_1792 Valgrisenche parking C.jpg (48191 bytes)Free parking opposite tennis courts ("no motorcaravan" sign, but nobody bothered us in low season). Very quiet. (Sept 2006).   Index


100_2332  Valli di Vasubio C.jpg (53774 bytes)VALLI DI PASUBIO 36030 (VENETO/VICENZA) (E 11.24599 / N 45.75272) - dedicated motorcaravan parking above village, at Balasso refuge, St Antonio del Pasubio, on SS46. 4E/night, space for 12 - 15 vans.  Water/waste point, porta-cabin toilet, picnic tables, barbeques. Beautiful views. (Sept 2007). Index


100_1838 Verres Aire C.jpg (47711 bytes)VERRES 11029 (VAL D'AOSTA) (E 7.69138 / N 45.66402) - dedicated free motorcaravan park opposite coffee factory  - lovely aroma, but noisy deliveries etc. from 6.00AM to 10.00PM. Free water/waste disposal. Asphalt, illuminated, 10 - 12 places. Heavy lorries use the parkplace as well, (they're not supposed to!), but not a problem at this time of year. Lovely town with castle above river. (Sept 2006).  Index



VIGO DI FASSA 38039 (TRENTINO/TRENTO) (E 11.67881 / N 46.41816) - Sports ground. Small free parking area, slight slope, illuminated. No services,  Open all year. (June 2011). Index


100_1885 Vinadio parking C.jpg (49362 bytes)VINADIO 12010 (PIEMONTE/CUNEO) (E 7.17113 / N 44.30663) - Free parking in small town in Stura valley. WC/water available. Signposted motorcaravan parking at other end of village. Lovely town built around castle walls, with a pretty outlook. (Oct 2006). Index


(E 7.17037 / N 44.30688) Free parking at north end of town with free service point. Loose gravel surface (bit rough). (May 2011). Index



Vipiteno.JPG (24376 bytes)m.vipiteno.JPG (83645 bytes)VIPITENO 39049 (TRENTINO/BOLZANO) (E 11.43325 / N 46.88231) - "Autocamp Sidobre" (0472 721791). Overnight park for both motorcaravans and caravans. Adjacent to "Top Stop" restaurant which has showers, laundry etc. Fresh water, waste facilities and electricity included in price. Ideal stopover before entering Austria. ET/Pleinair. 20000L/night. (May 2001). Index

VIPITENO 39049 (TRENTINO/BOLZANO) (E 11.43001 /N 46.90521) - Free public parking at entrance to town. Room for 15 - 20 vans, gravel surface. Near to busy road, so probably noisy at night. We only stayed for lunch, but OK for overnighting. No services. (Sept 2014).  Index


ZIANO DI FIEMME 38030 (TRENTINO/TRENTO) (E 11.56704 / N 46.28752) - Free parking behind church, next to supermarket. No facilities, but village fountain just around corner. Very quiet, illuminated. Small town by the river Avisio. (June 2004). Index